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September Release:
Evan Parker/Sylvie Courvoisier – Either Or And
October Release: Mary Halvorson’s Reverse Blue w/Chris Speed, Eivind Opsvik & Tomas Fujiwara
September Gigs: Evan Parker Residency at the Stone, September 9th – 14th Click Here «

Feature review
Burning Ambulance
Interview with Jemeel Moondoc Click Here «

    NEW Releases - Out Now!

  • Paul Flaherty/
    Randall Colbourne

    Ironic Havoc

  • Stephen Gauci/Kirk Knuffke/Ken Filano
    Chasing Tales

  • Jemeel Moondoc
    The Zookeeper's House

    Featured Releases

  • Matthew Ship Trio
    Root of Things

  • Jack Wright/Ben Wright
    As if Anything Could Be the Same

  • Ingrid Laubrock/Tom Rainey
    And Other Desert Towns

  • Greg Cohen/Bill Frisell
    Golden State

Relative Pitch Records Sampler #1