Estamos Trio - People's Historia

"For his new recording "People's Historia" Thollem McDonas has reduced his larger Estamos Ensemble to a trio, consisting of himself on piano, Carmina Escobar on voice and electronics, and Milo Tamez on percussion. The twelve songs are named after the numbering of the Arawak (apart from the title this is the obvious connection to Zinn) because they are losing their indigenous language since young people and children are not able to use it in their everyday lives and the result is that a crucial part of their culture is destined to disappear, a fact McDonas wants to bring to people’s conscience." By Martin Schray - Reprint from Free Jazz Blog -- Read the full review here »

Carmina Escobar - voice, electronics, field recordings
Milo Tamez - extended drumset
Thollem McDonas - piano

Release number: RPR1013