Jemeel Moondoc & Connie Crothers - Two

"Pianist Connie Crothers is well-versed in the art of the improvised duo. From pairings with fellow Tristano-leaning saxophonists Lenny Popkin and Richard Tabnik to more recent conclaves with bassist Michael Bisio and pianist David Arner, strong and fertile conversations form a good chunk of her discography past and present. Altoist Jemeel Moondoc is less accustomed to the format on record, although dialogues with bassist William Parker and dearly-departed drummer Denis Charles are cornerstones of his own catalog. The majority of his past records have dispensed with piano, as well. That last point is perhaps what makes Two most immediately appealing as an extended opportunity to hear him in close collaboration with a keyboardist of the caliber of Crothers. The cohesiveness of the music also points swiftly to another revelation: Moondoc and Crothers are good friends and have been playing together for many years, proof again that a musicians’ recorded output is usually simply the iceberg tip of their overall activity." By Derek Taylor - Reprint from Dusted Magazine -- Read the full review here »

Joelle Leandre - contrabass
Jerome Bourdellon - C flute

Release number: RPR1009