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We are proud to announce our 3rd release by Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey, Utter.  Read the liner notes below:

Original artwork by Lain York –

Front cover: Sitemap

Back cover: Hulks

A big thank you to Lain York for his artwork

and to Kevin Reilly and Mike Panico at Relative Pitch Records.

In 2016, Tom Rainey and I went on on a second extended duo tour – this time, all along the West Coast of the United States. As a duo, we had been playing improvised music up until then. For this tour we wanted to change the concept and also include composition. It was clear to us that we didn’t want to read music on stage, so we rehearsed and memorized the tunes. In our performances, we weave in and out of these pieces in whatever way we feel like – the composed material is triggered by small musical cues either of us can play at any given moment. Flutter and Shutter were written by both of us and Chant II is a composition of mine.

Ingrid Laubrock, 06/09/2018


The Out Louds: Mary Halvorson, Ben Goldberg, Tomas Fujiwara
Photo by Reuben Radding

Tomas Fujiwara – drums
Ben Goldberg – clarinet
Mary Halvorson – guitar

DEBUT RECORDING on Relative Pitch Records: April 8, 2016

Here comes the first record by The Out Louds. We hope you will have a look, and a listen, and that you like what you hear.

The working method of The Out Louds is sonic research, conducted on a decibel-by-decibel level. Once deconstructed, the music can be transmitted to the listener in its pure form and beauty. For example, a person contemplating the Fragility of Existence soon passes from this world, while the fragile existence of the universe continues forever. It is for this reason that the titles on this record are derived from names of flowers that one can encounter at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

The music of The Out Louds is collaborative. There is no bandleader, and they observe the principle of Alphabetical Order. The collective consists of:

F. Tomas Fujiwara is a Brooklyn-based drummer and composer. Described as “a ubiquitous presence in the New York scene…an artist whose urbane writing is equal to his impressively nuanced drumming” (Troy Collins, Point of Departure), Tomas is an active player in some of the most exciting music of the current generation, with his bands Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up and The Tomas Fujiwara Trio; his collaborative duo with cornetist Taylor Ho Bynum; the collective trio Thumbscrew (with Mary Halvorson and Michael Formanek); and a diversity of creative sideman work with forward thinking peers like Bynum, Halvorson, Matana Roberts, Tomeka Reid, Mike Reed, and Nicole Mitchell. In The New York Times, Nate Chinen writes, “Drummer Tomas Fuijwara works with rhythm as a pliable substance, solid but ever shifting. His style is forward-driving but rarely blunt or aggressive, and never random. He has a way of spreading out the center of a pulse while setting up a rigorous scaffolding of restraint… A conception of the drum set as a full-canvas instrument, almost orchestral in its scope.”

G. Beginning in 1992, when his group New Klezmer Trio “kicked open the door for radical experiments with Ashkenazi roots music” (SF Chronicle), clarinetist Ben Goldberg has established himself as “one of the most vibrant, flexible, and inventive clarinetists in jazz and improvised music” (Downbeat), “an artist who seems to find beautiful melodies at the end of every path.” (NPR). The New York Times noted Ben’s music for “a feeling of joyous research into the basics of polyphony and collective improvising,” and he was named #1 Rising Star Clarinetist in the Downbeat Critics Poll in both 2011 and 2013. Ben’s song-
cycle Orphic Machine, “knotted and occasionally spooky composition marked by dazzling interplay,” (LA Times) with lyrics from the “speculative poetics” of Allen Grossman, is performed by a nine piece ensemble including Nels Cline, Ron Miles, and Ches Smith, and sung by Carla Kihlstedt. Ben composes for and leads Invisible Guy, Unfold Ordinary Mind; Go Home, “a searching ensemble that welcomes lyrical improvisation while embracing the groove” (The New Yorker); Ben Goldberg School; Ben Goldberg Trio with Greg Cohen and Kenny Wollesen; the avant-chamber ensemble Tin Hat; and DIALOGUE, a duo with pianist Myra Melford. Other affiliations include Kris Davis’ Infrasound; Nels Cline’s New Monastery; Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors; and Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom. The 11- piece Ben Goldberg’s Brainchild performs Ben’s on-the-spot compositions.

H. Guitarist/composer Mary Halvorson has been called “NYC’s least-predictable improviser” (Howard Mandel, City Arts), “the most forward-thinking guitarist working right now” (Lars Gotrich, and “one of today’s most formidable bandleaders” (Francis Davis, Village Voice). Ms. Halvorson is best known for her longstanding trio, featuring bassist John Hébert and drummer Ches Smith, and more recently for her solo guitar project, Meltframe. She has several other projects as a bandleader including a quintet, septet and octet. Collaborative projects include a chamber-jazz duo with violist Jessica Pavone, the avant-rock band People and the collective ensembles Thumbscrew (with Michael Formanek and Tomas Fujiwara) and Secret Keeper (with Stephan Crump). Ms. Halvorson is also an active member of bands led by Anthony Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum, Trevor Dunn, Tomas Fujiwara, Ingrid Laubrock, Joe Morris, Tom Rainey, Mike Reed and Marc Ribot, among others.

Painting by Molly Barker

Relative Pitch Records RPR1042

Track List

1. Starry / False 4:23
2. Trout-Lily 5:48
3. False Goat’s-Beard 10:13
4. Yellow Queen 2:26
5. Obedience 5:54
6. Pink Home Run 7:26
7. Preference 4:09
8. Old Blush 3:08
9. Black Garlic 5:53
10. Nearly Wild 6:59
11. Pink Double Knock Out 1:34

Pulverize The Sound


NYC’s Pulverize The Sound out May 19th!

Play this music Loud !!

“Hard Hitting & Tight. The songs are focused and have a underlying Rock esthetic.”


On October 2nd and 3rd 2014, Cornelia Street Cafe will host a record release celebration for the prolific guitarist/ composer Mary Halvorson’s latest album, Reverse Blue, which will be released October 7th on Relative Pitch Records. This new project features Chris Speed on tenor saxophone and clarinet, Eivind Opsvik on bass, and Tomas Fuijwara on drums. Reverse Blue offers Halvorson a different sonic palette than her critically acclaimed Trio/Quintet/Septet configurations – bringing new musical personalities and timbres to her work, albeit within a classic quartet instrumentation. The band originally formed for a one-off concert at the Blue Note in New York City, part of Search and Restore’s “Spontaneous Constructions”, a series designed to generate new collaborations between musicians who hadn’t previously played together. The four musicians immediately felt a strong shared connection, and Halvorson began compose a new book of music specifically for this group. The other three also contributed at least one new composition each, adding to the strong collective nature of the new ensemble.

What’s new this fall at RPR

We’ve had a great summer with may of our artists out doing mini tours to support their releases.  This fall season brings the release of 4 amazing albums of wonderful music.  The first being the Evan Parker / Sylvie Courvoisier release; Either Or And, coming out this month.  Then on October 7th, saxophonist Michel Doneda’s collection of solo pieces called: Everybody Digs Michel Doneda hits the store.  As well, Mary Halverson’s, Reverse Blue project featuring: Chris Speed: tenor saxophone, and clarinet, Mary Halvorson: guitar, Eivind Opsvik: double bass, and Tomas Fujiwara: drums.  AND, the Tomas Fujiwara Trio, Variable Bets will be released.  This trio features: Tomas Fujiwara: drums, Ralph Alessi: trumpet, and Brandon Seabrook: guitar.